Feb 22, 2009

High WTF levels

Okay, I realize that waxing on about getting spam on web-based emails is a sort of late 90s complaint that's getting as dated as comedians referencing crappy airline food, but lately, my spam filters have been failing spectacularly, because I've somehow wound up on someone's "paraphilias for people that have become bored by the internet's normal range of WTF" mailing list.

I'm guessing/hoping that googling "zoonotic microbial infections" is the way that I've ended up on the radar of someone who would send me an email with a subject heading "extreme cat rape" (I swear to Random Chance I'm not making that up), and it is not an actual website depicting such (my faith in humanity requires me to believe that) and instead is a helpful person's one line answer to the question "how in the world would you ever contract *that* disease?" which, when you're studying for the USMLE, is a question that comes up more than you'd think.

Anyway, that's my random topic update since this predominance of disgusting subject headings is sullying the normal joy I receive at checking my email 600 times a day to see if there's any Facebook updates that could delay returning to my books by 17 seconds.

Speaking of studying, I've moved on from zoonotic infections onto the entire physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of the heart. Basically, there's tons and tons of channels, a lot of lines that move around, and if those lines move too much, you die suddenly and violently. The end.

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