Feb 15, 2009

Happy belated Jason Voorhies Day

And no, haven't seen the remake yet.

I drove to Catawba yesterday to see my good friend Krash and get some much needed study materials. Sadly what would have turned out to be a nice lunch of Chinese food was turned on its head when I decided to unexpectedly get ill, a steady state which continues, so I'm going to be passively studying videos while lying on my bed feeling sorry for myself.

That state also carried over to dropping by Winston Salem to see my dad, whom I'd promised a nice dinner at Nawab's Indian cuisine. The thought of stuffing my fatigued, overdriven, congested body full of delicious curry; however, wasn't to be, so we headed to Wendy's so I could bring some nice safe chicken nuggets back to his place. But he did get to see my pretty artwork of the HIV virus, since I've taken to drawing stuff that's confused me since first term, so I have quite the notebook put together.

Then it was a drive home coupled with a massive crackdown, giant police wagon and lane shut down and full of police cards drunk check. Thank goodness I finally found my driver's license (in my wallet where it has been glued to the back of my insurance card, thus I didn't find it for six freaking months, figured I'd dropped it in Europe, and only found it when I was pulling out my insurance card to see if they'd cover my physical).

Then I got home and discovered my awesome boyfriend, despite being in Grenada, had arranged to have flowers and a card sent to me for J-VD, oh, okay, just VDay. I generally hate this Hallmark-contrived holiday (yes, and Thanksgiving; I'm a grinch), so why did the sight of flowers and a card make me go all croonie and cooey? What can I say? It was thoughtful; they're pretty, and I miss the guy like crazy. Sniff. Naturally being a complete emotional cripple, I sent him a facebook hockey mask for Friday the 13th...


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