Dec 20, 2008

That was an interesting two years

and now it's over. Whoa.

Merry Christmas! Hopefully I'll have gifts for some of you at some point because I pretty much came crashing back in from Grenada full handed and empty walleted. Flights were surprisingly good, though two hours late on the first and a half hour late on the second, but everyone affiliated with said flights was pleasant and neither delay compromised anything, I got my luggage, and they didn't destroy my guitar, so huzzah! Also, though the first flight from Grenada to Miami seemed to consist of a 50% ratio of young children and large dogs, I didn't hear screaming, barking or barking then screaming for the entire flight.

Also, that whole 737 from Grenada thing? Where has that been all my life (two years)? Trying to cram bags onto those tiny American Eagle puddle jumpers while getting sniped at for the size of your carry on luggage is not fun. But after having to deal with that, it made the coach class of a 737, lamented by most, seem positively roomy by comparison and I was saying "I can cross my legs? Is this first class? My backpack can fit in the overhead bin AS can the carry on luggage of the other two people on this side of the row? I didn't know such a thing existed anymore in the world of man!"

The flight attendants weren't even mean. What up?

So now I have officially arrived at my new home in New Bern, NC, having been to Old Bern (Olde Berne?) over the summer. So that's cool. It's a pretty little town with a pretty little bedroom with a pretty little desk-I'm-going-to-be-desperately-chained-to-for-3-months. Well, after January 1st. Until then, it's time for a meat and microbrewery bender running through Christmas. My dad arrives here tonight for Christmas, though unlike two years ago, going out to a curry house for Christmas dinner has been vetoed. I still thought the vindaloo was good.


Millicent said...

aw, we usually go to thai house on xmas :) but still get curry

and i need to get going on my own blog. . . yours is awesome

Caseysmom said...

Are You still in New Bern Ishie?
If you are Hi neighbor. I think I am about 2 and a half hours from you. I love New Bern, it is a pretty place.

Ishie said...

Millicent, you do need to get going on your blog!

And yup, still in New Bern and hi neighbor to you as well! I'm really liking it here. How's the weather at your place? It's around 20 degrees here! Brr!

Caseysmom said...

That's about what our temp was yesterday. Today wasn't to bad, it was in the low 40's and no rain. Did you get rain? I saw it was raining from below Raleigh to the coast. They said we may have snow flurries tonight and Monday.
Our water froze yesterday about 8 in the morning. My husband got water for coffee and after that, is when it froze. I was out side at about 8:30 checking the vents , I found a couple open. Don't know how they got opened, I thought I checked them in Nov. And all were closed.
There is a famons author living in New Bern, at the moment I can not think of his name, I have a few of his books. He wrote "Message In a Bottle". It was a movie to.
How long will you be in New Bern?