Dec 8, 2008

Scary exciting...

Second to last exam of basic sciences tomorrow, namely pathophysiology exam.

Considering three days ago, I was three weeks behind, I'm feeling pretty decent right now sans dermatology, which I'm hoping to cram into the morning hour.

Still an odd surreality where I really don't feel like I'm leaving yet. Don't even really feel like I've got a massive final exam tomorrow, more like "Hmm, another day, another scantron."

Contrast that to what'll happen to me Wednesday night, as I realize that pharm is going to club me like a baby seal.

Tons of people going for exams tomorrow, so good luck to all of you and I wish you well.

Nighty night!


Millicent said...

good luck to you ishie, you're brilliant!

Ishie said...

Thank you, though dermatology may prove otherwise!

You're pretty brilliant yourself, and speaking of brilliance, update your blog. I'm anxious to find out what happens next. ;)