Jul 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

From Berlin!

Which one might think means it's just another July 4th since the whole 'our holidays aren't everyone's holidays' thing, but then the skies exploded with celebratory fireworks, which made for a wonderful (wunderbar) surprise.

Exhausting, but fantastic three days. Berlin is incredible! A baroque palace, the Ishtar Gate, Reichstag, Jewish museum, tv tower, Berlin Wall, Döner, etc etc etc. I think I've walked 30 miles, and I can't remember the last time I've been so tired, but words can't describe it. So rather than trying on a keyboard where I don't recognize a good portion of the key positions, I think I'll bedbound it so I'm not dead for the train to Prague tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been pouring over your blog all morning, and it's definitely the most helpful one I've come across. I'm from Louisiana and trying to decide on SGU. I want to settle down in the Virginia area, and I've noticed that some people get residencies there every year. I've done A LOT of "research" on SGU, and I think I'm going to apply for Jan. 09. My app. is already complete! It sounds like you really like the island... And the Prague selective?! I'm going to fight tooth and nail to get my name on that list. Totally cool.. The only problem is that I'll be off-campus the whole time because of an animal. Comments?!

Ishie said...

Hi there and thanks for reading!! Good luck at SGU, and DEFINITELY go for the Prague selective. If you're getting January, you should be able to do it after your fourth term (or first term), which I've found gives you a lot of background for it. There's also a Thailand selective if you want to nail one each, which a few people have done.

On campus, you get more acclimated to the social scene and it's more of an incentive to go to class, but I'm actually finding that I like living off campus more. It's quieter, I get my own digs, in your case you'd have your pet, and it frequently feels more relaxed. You just have to make sure your off campus place suits your needs.

With a pet, be careful of the pet embargo at certain times of year, particularly with American Airlines, and certain connections, such as Barbados, which won't let you bring an animal through).