Jul 17, 2008

Going to Vienna!

It's a whirlwind, eh??

Sorry not to write, but I'm never in my apartment! Helped largely by the stairs, but also the amazement that is Prague!!! So there'll be an expanded version of events once I'm sleeping off the Europe back in Grenada, but for now... uhh...

Got to be REALLY close to a neck dissection surgery where since I was the only one hanging out for it, the surgeons just chatted with me while showing me everything, including the pulsing jugular vein. Freaking incredible.

Had a talk given by the American ambassador to the Czech Republic in the basement of Dr. S's nightclub. Odd.

Wandered around as much of the city as humanly possible between selective stuff.

Have endured the bite of the green fairy AND have briefly set my pants on fire with it. Yes, only a small spot, and no, it didn't burn me or the pants... which is kind of cool when you think about it. Hmm... holding flaming alcohol on a spoon, which technically is already supposed to be slotted, generally either held over oneself, a wooden counter, a drink napkin, or best of all, an entire glass of potentially highly flammable alcohol. Who came up with this idea?

Have seen a concert in the National Museum where they absolutely celebrated music and have suffered through a concert in the St Salvador church where they murdered Pachelbel and Mozart. I was not the only one looking pained. I'm not sure if the out of tune violin, the lack of technical proficiency, or the fact that they were all playing at such a pace that I figured they had to catch a train right after the show was the highlight, but I did get to sit down in a pretty church for an hour.

Saw the five level nightclub by the Charles Bridge which is so trendy that it has a hired half naked woman that dances on top of a spotlight as a decoration, I was suitably impressed. My normal pre-Grenada haunts largely consisted of used furniture tossed into abandoned warehouses to hear undiscovered bands... which is also nifty and doesn't involve having to wear nice shoes, but it was still cool.

Drank out of the Piss sculpture previously mentioned, half of which was to disturb my friends, and the other half of which is because buying water in Europe is freaking expensive, there aren't any drinking fountains, and half the water you do buy is carbonated mineral water. Ick. And incidentally, I didn't contract any parasites from the sculpture (to my knowledge) and the water tasted better than the 5 dollar stuff, so go nuts.

Went to a brewery at a monastery where I ate goulash soup out of a bread bowl. Mmm... On the food front, also went to a little creperie that has to die for caramel pear crepes.

Walked around the Jewish Quarter marveling at the architecture (which you do in pretty much every part of Prague) and had a guy in a superhero outfit wander by me. I love Prague.

Continued wandering around Old Town and Mala Strana because I've rarely seen anything prettier.

Talked to a patient who knew WAY more English than we thought when we were discussing his case, who then said he liked English because we have limericks and the Czech don't, and said that he was scared because of his cancer. Aw.

Saw ears get drained. Nummy.

Walked through the palace again, and on the way down, wandered through the oldest vineyards in Prague.

And now?? Heading for Vienna! Can't believe how nuts my life is right now!


Goonie said...

Great blog! Great journey! And i'm not talking only about the one to Europe but about what we can learn from reading all your rants and joys.

And now i'll stop for fear of being interperted as a stalker. hehe.

A pulsing jugular!

Ishie said...

Thank you so much! And no stalker interpretation. ;)