Nov 21, 2006

Still Reading?

So, thanks to my disputes with Crapital One (What's in your sock drawer?), Equifax extended a fraud alert to all my credit reports for 7 years, despite the fact that I didn't ask them to, and don't want one, and putting a fraud alert on a report without permission is... ya know, fraudulent. So I get to fight that off, because I can't have an FA to apply for the GradPlus loan. Hooray.

In other news, I head for NC to do the last few weeks of the friends/family thing around December 12/13, which means we're getting into the range of when I need to quit my job, which I'm so not looking forward to... but am as well, but gasp, that means no more income for a while!!!

Also, in the spirit of Caribbean living, I'm selling about 85% of my belongings. It's freeing in a sense, but also terrifying. Hoping to use the Roseville auction as my bitch for all that. I also have a bunch of semi valuable stuff I'm hoping to find a buyer for, like a $100 set of ugly 1965 tarot cards.

On the SGU front, I still need to do my health forms, which requires kissing up to Kaiser. Word to the wise, I'm not sure how strict they are, but they want that TB test six months in advance, which in my case, is too bad for them. That'll teach me not to keep wildly good track of my medical records. I also need to check my immunity on the Hep B vaccine, since while in college, I managed to get two of the three shots and then ran out of health insurance. I'll probably need a tetanus booster, and they highly recommend the meningococcal vaccine... Hep A is another good one... I'll get the form list later.

The school hasn't been contacting me as much lately. I think they know that I'm actually going. The weird thing with SGU, at least in my experience, is that once they know you're interested, they half stalk you, at least until your application is in. You get multiple packets, multiple invites to open houses, cds, pens, and so forth. I haven't gotten that much dead tree since a Presbyterian women's college in Virginia apparently got my files mixed up with someone who would be caught dead in a Presbyterian women's college in Virginia. Who knew?

Once I had my interview, I continued getting SGU paperwork which gave me mini strokes every time I went to the mailbox, but I didn't actually hear for 9 weeks after my interview that I was accepted. Following that, I had approximately three students call me, three passport holders/luggage tags sent to me, received MORE paperwork, including stuff for the vet school (though when they eventually sent the financial aid packet I actually needed, it was through email), and then TWO sets, separated by three months, of housing forms. Whew!

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