Apr 23, 2012

The Economy Car Blues

I finally got my wonderful guitar gift fixed up for the low low price of 10 dollars, so I can put this to music:

9 AM, the flames are lickin'
10 AM, the porch ain't there
At noon, I'm getting that call saying, girl you're gonna stay where?
And you got no way to get going now,
Naw, they burned up your ride too,
Now I'm sitting in the ruins singing the economy car blues, baby...

Can't get to work
Can't get to church
I'm in the lurch
Can't head to the Red Cross
Can't get to tell my boss
Can't get to the downtown, feeling lowdown blues...
No, I've got the economy car blues.

Where's your bed baby?
That futon? It's gone
Your tv and vodka bottles?
Just pieces on the lawn
But I'm sleeping out here barefoot; yeah they got my pretty shoes,
And now all I got are these economy car blues, yeah
Those subcompact blues,
Those window-crank blues.

 When you're missing your stride, you got no ride
Want your stereo, want those sexy pleather seats back
A three quarter spare, smells like burning hair,
and the paint job's turned smoky black
That's just the economy car blues, yeah it is
That's just the economy car blues.

Can't get to work
Can't get to church
I'm in the lurch
Can't get to the mall, not the justice hall
Not the clinic, I can't win it blues
I got these economy car blues. Yeah yeahhhhhhh CHA.
(guitar slide)

See, this is what happens when I don't get enough sleep and get called out in derm lecture.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are baaack!! All that talk of wanting to quit was scary for a while. Really sorry about everything that has happened. However, it is sure nice to see you hit your stride.

Ishie said...

Thank you thank you.

Sleep deprivedness followed by fire-enragedness. A passing fancy, I assure you. Were I not thrilled to be finally salaried for being a geek, those citibank statements would be more than enough incentive to not run off for parts unknown.

Anonymous said...

Not bad blues, hon. Circumstances suck, but that's what the blues are for. Chin up

Ishie said...

I'm fine. I just wanted to put this up from before. Thx.