Apr 6, 2011

Rock Fever Revenge

Maybe it's the disgusting weather, but I've been really getting sappily nolstalgic for Grenada this last couple of weeks. Maybe it's also because people are leaving the area, so it reminds me a lot of those last weeks of Grenada.

And I really did have fun my last year. That encompassed my Prague trip, late night swim trips to Grand Anse beach, wrestling in Morne Rouge. I've been going through my pictures and getting all smiley and such. Then I feel like I've really been lucky as a person to get to do all this stuff and come out of it, and then I feel a touch of guilt for being such a whiny little prat so much.

Stay tuned for whiny prathood! Next week!

In the interim, here's some pictures that made me feel all sweet and fluffy. I'll probably post more occasionally now that I actually have time to sort, and to make up for the fact that I haven't been posting pictures in forever. So Grenada...

And here's a little taste of Prague... This was the view down the street from the place we met for conferences and to meet up to go to the hospital.

If I could give some Monday morning quarterbacking to the people in the midst of this... I spent a lot of time miserable. Not all of it, by any remote bit, but too much. I focused on how much this that or the other thing was screwing me (as noted on my blog), how hot it was, how nasty the men could be, interrupted by childish bickering with people.

If you're on the island, take a deep breath every now and again and just look at it. Think about where you are and how few people get to do what you're doing.

Then go back to remembering how much you loathe learning cancer treatment drugs. (I'm realistic in my nostalgia). Enjoy!

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