Apr 24, 2011

Nomadic drawbacks

I am a nomad, and have been since I was a child, which is why when people ask where in California I'm from, I say "the North", and they think I'm being coy. I try to be more specific with "somewhat orbiting the Bay Area", and they think I'm nuts. Then I say I went to high school in the South, and suddenly, I'm "from the South". It's very difficult to explain to people that grew up in one to two locations, and then have a family home and a place to go, what it's like to kind of be from nowhere except a vague region.

Ultimately though, I sing the praises of being nomadic, and forwarded it to program directors when they were asking me why I suddenly wanted to move from NYC (my "town" of about two years, which is my average staying time) to their town. More often, they assumed I was going "back" to California, which is a safe enough I assumption, since I do love my home state, excepting that I have no family there so other than nostalgia, it doesn't really offer me any reason I'd choose one residency there over one at Other-Desirable-Location.

I've also 'lived' in a lot of places for somewhere between one and three months, which leads to the question "What is your definition of residence?" I had a flat in Prague for a month for a medical selective. Did I "live" there? My mom's a traveler, and the one I stay with when I'm between residences, but she's rarely in the same place for a long time, so if she doesn't "live" there, do I "live" there? It's confusing.

I bring this up because I'm filling out what is known among scientific communities as a metric s*** ton of paperwork. Among this are applications for my state medical license, a background check, medical paperwork, tax forms, and so forth. List residences for the last seven years? Gods. Where do I start? My dad's address is frequently listed as my permanent address, but I don't live there... My roommate's name is on the lease and mine isn't. I lived in a country for two years that doesn't so much have addresses as locations, so some poor investigator is going to have to try and figure out how to pull up paperwork for "In the Cool Runnings apartment building on the Dusty Highway". When I told people to send stuff there, they got upset and thought I was kidding. When I wasn't in Grenada, I was in and out of different states (or countries) for anywhere from two weeks to three months.

And it continues. I don't have an address for new town yet. I'm moving out of this apartment next week and crashing at my mom's place in Brooklyn until it's time to move... this results in my initial paperwork being sent to this address, my future licensing paperwork being sent to her address, and my tax forms being listed under my dad's address because that'll be more relevant after I start residency, and as mentioned, don't know where I'm living.

If all of this certification, licensing, tax paperwork goes through without a hitch, I'll eat an okra and canned tuna sandwich. If all that doesn't gum the gears, I'm sure Old Reliable, aka, my wonky last name, will seal the "you have to resend this with ___________" deal.

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Anonymous said...

I am in 5th term and about to take the boards. I know you have been terribly busy and would hate to bother you with questions. If it is ok with you, can I ask you for advice on your exact study method for the boards? I have received lots of advice but everything seems vague. What was the daily routine? Did you study first and then do questions from UWorld? I know you did Topher's schedule - but did you devote so many hours for studying the subject and then did questions? For example - when you did Anatomy, did you read first aid, your review material and then do questions? Please can you give me some details? Thanks