Feb 16, 2011


Dear Program Directors,

While it's always good to send out your rejections early, as well as keeping some 'rejections on hold' because you never know when someone's going to cancel an interview and you're forced to send out an invite to your back up island-students, sending out rejection letters mid February is something of a... well, let me put this professionally, a "dick move", if you will.

If you haven't contacted me by January 31st, way before that actually, even if you have not *formally* rejected me, I have long since accepted that you're probably not going to interview me past the date that some programs are sending in their rank lists. I'm cool with that. While having a formal "hell no" email, or in UCSF's case a written "OH hell no" letter is always nice, a void on the other end of my computer is already a good indication that you do not wish to be graced with my dengue-soaked presence. Noooo problemo.

But why send out the noreply email via ERAS? They don't even have a subject line at this point.

Let me point out the converse side... there are some interviews I didn't take because I got a good initial response and the programs were too far away.

Now these guys may have sent an invite back in early December... now picture a student NOW emailing them going "Dear ________, gee whiz, I got so many interviews that I can't interview with your program, but I wish you the best of luck finding good students on Match Day."

Douchey, right?


Anonymous said...

Amen. Can't belive they even bother. Just let us move the heck on.

Anonymous said...

I don't like being ignored, so I prefer being told "OH Hell no" over nothing at all.