Feb 1, 2011

No more interviews for me!!!

As of setting foot off the R from the N from the M60 from Laguardia, I am officially DONEZO with interviews. I can actually unpack the carry on bag (f- you, airlines, and your 25 dollar check bag fees for something you're gonna lose anyway) that's been always at a state of ready in the center of my room. I've made it through countless hotels still bedbug free. I have told literally dozens of people what I want to be when I grow up, why I want their specific programs, whether I'm an only child (???), and what my five year plan is.

Weirdly, I've seen more dead bodies than I have in years. What do you do on your job interviews?

I have bounced enough climates to be perpetually congested. I've given the Alamo in Union Square more money than an actual car payment would have cost. I have walked through more hospitals than the casts of ER, House, Grey's Anatomy, and Scrubs combined. I have consumed 50 thousand calories worth of free lunches. I've shaken more hands than a politician. I have rocked my black suit and used it to get my way at cheap hotels because it gives me a fake businesswoman street-cred. I have changed in the public restrooms of said hotels into beaten up jeans and strutted on the way out.

Since I'm a procrastinatey McProcrasterton, I finally submitted my final four week schedule, which will complete my 80 weeks of rotations, which finalizes my schedule and means that so long as I don't kill anyone in the next eight weeks, I'm solid gold.

Hell yeah.


heyroth said...

Hell yeah indead! Congrats Ishie ( are we on first name basis yet?)! You should twitter!!!

Ishie said...

Thanks man! And we're totally on a first name basis.

Twitter? My 30 year old brain is still too baffled by technological advances in social networking, hence my still occupying the blogosphere.

Plus, I can't imagine my updates:

-Senioritis. Attempting to leave hospital.
-Crap, caught by attending. Putting scrubs back on.
-Told attending I'm going into path and got dismissed immediately.
-Home now. I smell like Bovie. Drink now?
-Ooh. Netflix of Californication.
-Mmmmmmm.... nachos....
-Have half of my rent. Mom?
-drink now!
-Why have I seen the same burlesque dancer six times?
-Gotta get going! Can't be more than an hour late to my rotation!