Oct 13, 2009

Zombie hiatus...

Yes, in the eternity of excitement that *IS* Internal Medicine, I took a minute to find out how kickass Zombieland is after the good part of a day was spent with the roommate scarfing Indian food, costume-shopping, tea-drinking, and Times-Square-smack-talking.

Friday was kind of a crappy day at work, made better by having Daniel come home about 30 minutes after I did and suggest Maria's Happy Hour. Hells yes.

Saturday was shopping day; I have new clothes, shoes, and smiles. Then Saturday night with the Maenad and her fair god of wine at the Slipper Room (hosted by a Sealboy) followed by a wine bar. Good times.

Sunday, hit a travel expo with my mom after taking her to an awesome lunch in Nolita. The distinguishing part of the day after that was trying to zipline while keeping my dress "family friendly". That took some doing, and I'm sure there's some youtube videos showing where I failed.

Now, to undo the debauchery of the weekend!

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