Oct 28, 2009

Pause for Fall...

Or in my case, spend 7 hours in Brooklyn Hospital's library OCDing all over your presentation, come home, and hastily tap out a case report on yet another Patient Who Has Everything and Complains About Even More Things.

Oh, and realize that when you spend as much time attached to your computer as I do, even 20 gigs of music isn't enough and your old standbys are starting to wane. Right now, I'm trying to re-stimulate my urge to care by combining Pandora's "Turntabilism and Beat Science" with "Bluegrass Instrumental". Ohhhh yeah. I can be a dorkitron AND sell out at the same time! Take that!

Speaking of music, I finally got out to the Bowery Ballroom on Sunday to see Thursday with Midnight Masses and Some Other Band. Now *that* was an old school show. A mosh pit even I was afraid to venture into, stage diving, crowd surfing, and lead singer sweat spray that got further back into the audience than a show at Sea World. Lest anyone think I'm being irresponsible, doctoring is fully destroying my love of things that are bad for me as I was thinking "I would join in the closer-to-the-stage festivities, but I don't want a fatal brain injury." Plus, I'm pretty certain that at this stage, if I got hit hard enough in the head, USMLE World questions would leak out, and then I'd get busted for violating copyright.

Still freaking awesome though. Thanks Patrick!

ANYway, as I was hitting Stumble around the internet today to give my tired eyes a rest from uh... the computer screen, I found a webcomic near to my dorkly widdle heart, so I figured I'd share its Autumn sentiments with you.

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