Aug 16, 2009

Blair Witch Weekend

Another short post because I'm starting Internal Medicine in the precariously near future.

Speaking of precarious, never start hiking at 3 PM in a place called "Roaring Kill" that features a number of side trips the begin with the word "Devil's" lest you end up scrambling up boulders at 6:30 PM, realizing you're about to be in big trouble at 6:35 PM, hastily retracing your steps down the mountain so you can at least be on semi flat trail for when you are stumbling along in the dark using a broken digital camera as your sole source of light, and contemplating whether you're going to have to spend a hungry night sitting in mud while raccoons eat your face.

But we saw a porcupine!

Saturday night... well, I have rarely felt a relief and joy as pure and unadulterated as that which I found when we saw the car in the trailhead parking lot around 10 PM after finding the guest book we'd signed at the beginning of our adventure attached to a tree nearby. By that point, Stephanie's broken digital camera (whose cracked LCD had been shining a bright, trail marker finding light) was dead and my digital camera was out.

Sunday, we atoned for all of that by breezing through Woodstock for some tea and jam (the actual concert site is in Bethel, which was about 90 minutes away) and then went to a Bluegrass festival at the Saugerties lighthouse, which was awesome. Perfect way to celebrate the end of our respective rotations, complete with a bonus swim in the Hudson.

Now, though sad to see ED go, looking forward to the nitty gritty IM. Hopefully the enthusiasm lasts.

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