Aug 20, 2009

Adios ER

Though thanks to being in the same hospital, I still get to see the residents around occasionally; even got a big hug from one I ran into in the stairwell.

The rotation itself was good, though as I mentioned before, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the end diagnoses for the more complicated cases, though half the patients still seem to walk out AMA, which I thought stopped down in the ED. The nice thing with the ED is you're pretty much allowed to do what you're willing and comfortable doing. The staff is pretty chill and I like the overall "ER personality". If you're at a hospital that has it as an additional third year requirement option, I'd definitely recommend it.

Now I'm onto Internal Medicine. It's much more lecture based now, which is both good and bad. Good because it keeps adding in new information, and it's important information, plus it breaks up the day. Bad because I'm still adjusting my schedule around, am chronically underslept, and having a conference right after lunch that involves the lights dimming is making for... difficult concentration, shall we say. But we're already seeing more diagnoses. Also difficult on IM is that due to the morning rounds involving a lot of people, the patients seem to grow frustrated quickly, with one walking out as he was sick of the "crew" and another ordering all "trainees" out of the room immediately.

But we're adjusting.

In other NYC news, it's been muggy and humid and nasty as all get out, which has some promise of relief next week. We had a really sudden storm blow through last night with high gusting winds that apparently took down a bunch of the trees in Central Park. It came through so fast that it went instantly from being nasty hot, then suddenly the wind blew through the windows, knocked everything off the refrigerator, and then started tossing the sign to the falafel stand under us around. Yikes!

But another day in IM tomorrow with bonus lectures, so we'll see how it goes.

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Pam said...

try and snag that comfy chair in the back of the lecture room behind Dr. Y if it's still there, he doesn't look behind him that often, makes for great nap time!!