May 21, 2009

Not doing third year abandonment

Just woefully out of internet (most of the time) until next Wednesday when we can get it installed.

Quick summary: Brooklyn. Awesome. Roommate. Awesome. Food. Awesome. Trader Joe's in easy subway distance (if you don't take four subways in the wrong direction because you're me). Awesome.

I'm a fan. And already did a dry run to the hospital where I'm orienting, but going to head to Manhattan for my psych hospital dry run tomorrow, since it's considerably farther away, and where I'm starting out.


Yekaterina said...

Which TJ do you go Ish? The one on Union Square? If yes, then I will see you there soon!

Ishie said...

I only go to that one for the wine! I usually go to the one in Brooklyn because it's only two train stops away, but they don't carry wine there for some reason, but I can't wait to see you soon! When are you coming in?

Yekaterina said...

Oh...3 more weeks and when I come I will be going for the trip to the West with my friends:)So it's another 10 days...but really hope to see u sometimes this summer!:)I did not know Brooklyn got TJ! That's great!