Sep 26, 2008


"Some Drugs Create Awesome Knockers" for the drugs that can cause gynecomastia (think Bob from Fight Club) may be the best mnemonic to ever exist, and that includes all the really dirty ones from anatomy.

In other news, I thought that "qiss and qiq 'til you're siq of sqs" (kiss and kick 'til you're sick of sex) was an incredibly stupid one until I reviewed the intro pharm lectures and discovered that I needed it to keep my head from exploding, and I certainly can't think of a better one in the time allotted.

I think I'm losing it. My head is full of "SAFE Moms Take Really Good Care" and "buy AT 30; CELL at 50" until all the information (which there still isn't enough of) is threatening to fall out.

I've spent the last unfathomable length of time holed up in Taylor Hall studying with my hair progressively messier and my t-shirts progressively dorkier (today's even has a math pun) and despite feeling like I know absolutely nothing about pharmacology, there are times in med school, and this is one of them, where you cram so much for an exam that you feel like if you bump your head against something, there's just going to be a flood of notebook pages coming out of your skull.

But if med school has taught me nothing else (which is possible), it's that there are two types of people:
1: Those that feel intense stress during exams, and in an unconscious attempt to escape- jerk, twitch, and bounce their legs uncontrollably. This is the "flight" response.
2: Those that feel intense stress during exams, and in an unconscious attempt to confront their antagonist (the test), want to jam a pencil into the necks of the people in Group 1. This is the "fight" response.

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Airor said...

Hang in there! Think of all of us in the states as your cheerleading squad.

Watch out, she's here!
Everybody stand clear!
Let's shout, let's cheer!
Her victory is near!

Ok, maybe not. But we are thinking of you.