Sep 25, 2007

This is your brain...

on about eight hours of studying (not straight; I'm not that much of a machine), and that sizzling noise would be the sound of my circuits (which I need to be able to name all of by the end of this term) frying.

Today, I did one physiology and one neuroscience lecture apiece, incidentally, today's, meaning that except for a small gap, I'm caught up (which doesn't necessarily mean I've retained anything; however), finished my physiology case study due tomorrow, AND caught up four of the six immunology lectures I've been avoiding. Who's your daddy... er... mommy?

Immunology is... well, it's a salute (almost spelled that "solute", because that's how much I've been drinking the scholastic Kool-Aid) to biochem that I'm getting any of it, but it's apparently straight memorization until the final, without necessarily knowing what anything means.

Sadly, this is NOT a wildly good way for me to study because random letters stuck together (IL4, APC, PcGammaR(that's not even made up!!!)) means my brain skims over them if I don't know what they really do or fit into the big picture. Actually, it even does that with long words that have no apparent place in the universe.

What does this mean? Wikipedia becomes useful again! And turns a two unit class into as much work as my other ones because my brain needs to place stuff where it belongs. It also involves synthesizing the lecture slides, the immunology terminology (separate packet) and the lecture objectives (another packet), which means my Natural Killer Cells (no affiliation with Oliver Stone) are going to rise up and kill off my entire body, because after enough hours of that, my WHOLE body's diseased. Blargh.

On the plus side, I'm working up to a stage where I can actually study (when I'm not worshipping at the altar of Sonic Foundry) with music on sometimes! And not just instrumental jazz or classical, which granted, I like, but not for half the day, every day! This may not seem like a big deal, but when you love music as much as I do, and have to be glued to the computer as much as I do, having your full rotation available is SUCH mental relief. It also keeps the cicadas outside with their high pitched whine out of my brain, because before I hit the "play" button, I was about 5 seconds from spraying down the entire communal grassy area in front of my apartment with Raid until the noise stopped, and that's reportedly bad for the environment.

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