Sep 17, 2007

12 More Hours!

Until I can take the Community/Public Health final and never have to hear from that class again. Can't believe I'm GLAD I'm taking a final.

Of course, I could fail it and then get to spend Christmas break re-studying. That would be embarrassing... and annoying... and full of unnecessary ellipses, like the rest of the blog. Something about typing like William Shatner talks makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unlike Public Health, which makes me feel all irritated inside.

I just finished a lecture on screening, which was surprisingly relevant. There are a few gems tucked in there, which almost serves to make the rest more obnoxious because of that hitherto bemoaned "it has potential" effect. What's funny for me is that useful lectures are the ones that require more work (and usually math), but because I can see where the application could be, studying them irritates me far less.

So this is short, as all entries are before a final, but after the last few rambling doozies, I figure you guys deserve a break.

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