Jul 2, 2007

She may ride forever...

neath the streets of Boston; she's the chick that never returned...

Kingston Trio fans? No?

I'm picking up my dad in Boston tomorrow, and having learned from my last experience, I'm taking the train, or the MBTA or whatever they're calling it now. Planning on doing the 4th in Boston, which should be interesting to say the least. I wanted to do either a Boston on the 4th or Times Square on New Year's, ya know, one time where you're in the middle of a giant party of clumped together people so thick that you say "no mas!" and join a convent. That's my goal. Also to make that remoteness of Grenada seem all that much nicer. I'm going back on August 7th, a date which looms over me a bit, but actually less so now that I finally gulped down my fear and bought the ticket. As far as prepping to go back, I'm now (AGAIN) about halfway through eukaryotic epigenetics. Doesn't *that* sound like fun? For the uninitiated, that's the way in which genes are controlled in things-that-are-not-bacteria in ways that you can inherit but aren't IN your genes. Make sense? No? Me neither, but some of it's pretty cool in ways I'm not going to get into, because it would require so much boring backstory as to not make it worth it. Whoops, too late.

Still, if I'm going to have to take a final, I suppose better biochem than histo, something I *never* thought I'd say. Not because histo was that hard, but simply because I could not bring myself to care about it, despite having the coolest instructor. But biochem, as I've said in the past, and GRUDGINGLY, has some cool stuff, and the genetics section has the really cool shiz. Nitrogen metabolism, less so. Ooh, the significance of lysine and leucine. GRIPPING.

So what am I doing now? Do you care? Too bad! Grilling chicken and discovering that if you watch tv in the daytime, M*A*S*H is on like... 27 hours a day. Almost as often as reruns of the Daily Show, which damn, I like, but when you can recite the entire episode by 8:30 PM, it's a bit excessive, when Comedy Central isn't boring me with movies I've never heard of and ENDLESS ads for Girls Gone Wild. Apparently, since this enterprise has become so played out that it even makes topless women uninteresting, now they jump topless out of planes. Think of the windburn!

Oh, speaking of offensive commercials, I found one more offensive than the stupid Jared commercials AND the watch commercials, and I can't even remember what company is promoting this brand of nonsense.

But according to this company (and creepy cartoon mascot, which brings to mind the truly FUNNY Sunny D commercial where the cartoon spokesman pops out and the family screams and runs in terror, as any sane person would do), your man will love you if you buy him a HDTV. In fact, if you buy him the HDTV, he'll love you so much, he may buy you a shiny object from the jewelry counter because women are raccoons.

Screw diamonds, where's *my* HDTV? I can't watch MASH reruns on a diamond tennis bracelet.

So the desktop computer had a stroke and I had to play with the registry, which I hate doing because I keep being convinced that I'm going to do something horrible and the computer is going to melt into a pile of plastic goo while a deep mechanical voice cackles at me. I suppose the plus to diamonds is they don't have a registry you have to screw with.

I fixed most things (including the internet), but the Skype is screwed, so now I need to hook equipment back to my laptop like I had on the island, which violates my laziness clause, so blah. Well, to the BBQ!

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