Jul 26, 2007

Back in the city of cigarettes...

AKA Winston-Salem. Staying at my dad's for the night en route back to New Hampshire after spending the day driving through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. If I get to see half as much Europe next summer as I've seen U.S. this summer, I'll consider it an unbridled success... if I can even afford to do the airfare to Europe next summer. It's crazy expensive, or as they say in New England, "wicked" expensive, thus I've found that trying to get to Prague via ANY European city, be it Dresden or freaking London in summer '08 may cost about what it would to do your average round trip shuttle to Kenya. Yeesh.

So, August 7th is approaching quickly, as is August 15th, the former being the date I return to the Rock, and the latter being the date I finally conquer my biochem/sleep demons. I'm debating over what to do the 13th and 14th, considering those are the Carnival days, which I'd really like to see, but am not dumb enough to conquer aforementioned demons by getting good and drunk the night before.

I'm semi prepared for the trip. The doctor I'm shadowing wrote me up the orders to get my titers done so I didn't have to fight with the school's default horrible insurance over seeing a primary doctor for it (besides, it's my blood; I should be able to test it for whatever I want, and I even know how to draw it now), I need to renew said horrible insurance to be allowed back in, and I've got my invoice from the school, which is nice because even though my loan covers it, it's nice to get a biannual heart attack reminder of how much trouble I'm going to be in if I flunk out. This term was to the term of 20 grand.... which would be a sizeable down payment on a house; I'm just saying... Added on book fees were over 400 dollars, which isn't even on the expensive side, though I think in the future, I'd want to go with buying used books from an upper termer instead of ordering them new, to be sucked out of my loan check. They might even come pre-highlighted.

But where was I? Ah yes, Disney World, which still rocks, though I'm still putting Disneyland above the Magic Kingdom, but I did fall in love with Animal Kingdom, and will probably get around to putting the pictures up around the same time I finally get the Boston 4th of July pictures up. Heh heh.

I'm a little scattered tonight, due to that firehose of fun known as Disney, driving all day, and being generally icky and tired. Florida in the summer is, not surprisingly, hot and muggy, and at Disney parks, you tend to walk miles and miles a day, which is good for your heart and bad for personal hygiene. In fact, on that note, I think I'll leave you all with this truncated blogpost and run off to shower.

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