May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!

And I have a good excuse for not updating this time! First of all, I've been place hopping, now in New Hampshire and lazing a good old time, plus LOVING New England and all its groovy buildings, but more crucially, I only currently have access to a dial up and no wireless because I'm with my mother; she lives out in the boondocks, and she's trying to force Comcast to set up here.

By the way, yes, I have pointed out the humor in the fact that I live on a developing nation, aka, rock in the Caribbean cut off from the world save a 90 mile hop to Venezuela, and I get better hookups than she does in good ol' Amerika.

For those keeping track, my mom's been traveling a bit herself and landed here because upon taking her up on her offer to put me up over the summer, I threw a temper tantrum when she suggested Florida, aka Grenada North, But With Crime (and McDonald's!)

So I'll do a more substantial update, with pictures even! (promises promises) on Wednesday when I'm going to explore a cute little town which has a cute little Borders Books with a cute little wifi connection which I shall exploit with impunity while downloading the next episode of House because no high speed internet *also* carries with it no cable television. The horror.

But for the time being... what you need to know... I'll probably do a recap of my earliest post for the panicked applicants desperately trying to find out info on the island before August and then I'll wax about touring the countryside since I'm no longer on the Rock. What's funny is that if you read the beginning of this blog, you could pretty much see it as half America travel guide and half whining about medical school, specifically biochemisty.

Ah, but at least while watching Scrubs on my laptop (somethings never change), I got the Acute Intermittant Porphyria reference. I guess biochem still rings a few bells.

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