Jun 18, 2016

Freedom!!! Freedom!!!

I've been blasting the Pharrell Williams song all over my house on repeat.  Maybe that's why my newly acquired husband chose that moment to go do chores.

Yesterday was the last day of training.  Ever.  Things were so generally chaotic yesterday that it didn't really dawn on me until I'd slept like the dead and woke up at 10:30 this morning.

I'm.  Done.  Sure I have one more board to take for the triple crown, but it's nowhere nearly as soul crushing as the others with lesser the consequences, but that's it.  I'm off to Pittsburgh with a song in my heart, invectives at my overpriced movers on my lips, and an epic party starting in a few hours.

Am I scared?  Oh sure, I have imposter syndrome with the rest.  Will I be able to hold my own as an adult; will everything work out, but that feeling is so overwhelmed by relief and happiness that I can go into it with a positive attitude and excitement rather than fear.

Leaving yesterday was weird.  It's been no secret that my training here away from my happy familiar faces of residency was pretty rough on me.  There were about three people I trusted, and one of them was gone half the year, leaving me lonely, paranoid, and generally regretful.  When I left residency and the now hubster picked me up, I was bawling.  Couldn't stop.  Just sat in the car and cried.  Cried on the attendings.  Cried on the friends.  Cried on the support staff.  Finally got to a nice lunch place where the owner knew us.  Had to excuse myself to cry some more.  Told him the food was fine; I was just losing my mind.

Drove to about an hour out where my Charleston-mom and Charleston-dad were waiting with my Charleston-dogs to say goodbye.  The girls climbed over each other in the SUV to lick my hand as I was presented with a fairly pricy pair of pearl earrings "because you love to dive".  A big platter of lasagna so her baby wouldn't be hungry on the trip to Texas.  More sobbing.

Yesterday as I negotiated phone calls, cleaned out my desk, and went on a signature scavenger hunt, and dealt with the general chaos of having a moving company shift your dates forward by 10 days to the start of work with less than a week's notice for a price that would easily by a CPO used car, and got all my "ducks in a row" as one of the few people there I trust would say, as I careened toward the end of the day and an hour beyond it, I just kind of strolled out.  Gave a tentative hug to a couple people who seemed more upset than I am, and walked smiling out into the humidity.

The party tonight may be a bit more difficult.  I will miss being so close to my family.  I will miss the friends who have adopted us.  But training?  Nah.  I'm good.  35 and I'm finally an adult.  36 and I'll have my own house and a dog.

I'm free.  Bring it on.

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