Dec 15, 2014

And the beat goes on

Time is whipping by really quickly.  I've always been a terminal procrastinator, and that applies to things like "seeing things as being far in the future when they're quickly approaching", if that makes any sense.

In my last post, all the stuff that's either in the past or in the immediate future seemed so far away.  And then it was here.  Christmas with mom-visit, New Year's, call week, dad visit, next week is San Diego.  The week after that is Nicaragua.  Where did the time go?  It makes me think strongly of the board exams coming up in 18 months and how simultaneously long and short that time seems.

It's also 18 months until I leave Charleston, so like my fellow third years, I'm compiling my Charleston bucket list.  Go to the plantations, eat at about 15 different restaurants, run the bridge.  That sort of thing.

I did cross the Biltmore off my list, which is kind of cheating since it's 4 hours from Charleston, but my mom's visit for Christmas went splendidly, I kind of killed myself cooking both because I had the time off (hooray!) contrasted to last Christmas, and because my boyfriend scored a 500$ gift card to Target during his company's gift exchange, and I stole half of it to get a kitchenaid mixer because the older I get, the more dominant that second X chromosome becomes.  So I did prime rib the first night, lobster the second night, and then we hauled it up to Asheville for Christmas banquets, gingerbread competitions and a candlelight tour (and of course, wine tasting) through the Biltmore.  Lovely, truly.  Pricy, but lovely.  Too brief a visit.

Incidentally, the new format for blogger not only tends to kill me but has an incredibly sluggish response speed to my typing.  It's currently listing my last paragraph as a misspelled word, so apologies if this entry seems curt or strange.

The next week I was covering surgical pathology so that others could enjoy a free New Year's week, though I still was able to get out pretty early on New Year's Eve and secure the party at the Alley, as we did last year, though this year without immediately jumping in the car to drive to New Orleans the next morning.  I'd say I feel more comfortable with surg path now, but that's usually the sort of statement I make before everything deteriorates spectacularly, so we'll hold it off for now.

I felt relatively refreshed entering my call week after that, though it does lead to the tricky situation of really eating into the clinical pathology time as I'm frequently consumed with the AP side.  It's important, but I've felt in the last six months like a lot of the lab time becomes expendable, and that's concerning for people that have their eyes on the test prize.  It's something to watch for, certainly.  Anyway, I've been in a odd little work funk lately.  This kind of culminated in my call week.  I feel way more comfortable at each task I'm assigned, but when they overlap each other, I feel like I can't

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