May 21, 2013

I'm gonna go ahead and ask you to not put that over my face

Ah Micro.

The return to the very origins of my interest in medicine.  Outbreak, with Dustin Hoffman... a little sprinkling of Hot Zone.  And overly ambitious 12 year old.

And I've arrived.  I'm currently doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was 12 with the exception of chasing monkey around.

Mornings are on the bench.  Today was the urine bench, it was not as awful as you'd think.
Sometimes genital-rectal.  Sometimes wound exudates.  Sometimes respiratory.  They teach, I learn.

Then rounds.  Rounds consists of wandering around without a real idea of what's going on, poking you head in to see what's interesting.  Then you start the smell game. "Hey, smell this plate!"  "No.. I don't wan... yeah, it does smell like rancid juicy fruit.  Am I about to die?  I feel like I shouldn't be holding this near my face."

I'm not OCD.  I feel like I'm going to become OCD.

I've learned about the devious nature of these creatures.  They're oxidase positive until they aren't.  They behave differently.  But clean.  Where ever you are, clean.  They're under your nails  On the faucet handle.  You have to watch them.

In between this, the calls.  My attending is gone until Thursday so all the spooky day calls fall on me.  Can we get more extensive cultures?  Can we get susceptibilities?  Things I can initiate, but haltingly so.

This is on top of about 6 working days of micro.  Sherry, Justin, the Wrestler, and I hit Mexico Beach and had a horrendously good time.  I mean...

 I mean seriously, add 200$ in hooch to that and you're here

It was amazing.  Tons of us, everyone happy and having a good time, and utterly relaxing.  Now to this weekend in Vegas where we do the exact opposite of that.  Woot!

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Daveman said...


I've been lurking on Annexcafe off and on for years. Are you still active there? I logged in there tonight for the first time in over a year. I always liked the "Scrippy", "stationary" and "font" groups.

I remember when you first left for medical school. I'm glad to see that you made it. Sorry about the fire!

I've been a critical care R.N. for 25 years at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. It pays the bills.

A blog that you may like is He is an anesthesiologist and always posts cool stuff (most of them NOT medically related).

Anyway; I just wanted to say hello and wish you well

David Morgan \ -Pick one /

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