Jul 11, 2012


There are not enough emoticons, anigifs, or any other advanced mid 90s technology sufficient to express the joy I field.

Oh, I'll do the path thing.  How many points did you drop?  I dropped 22!!  LOL!  I dropped 30!  So I dropped quite a bit but within a safe margin, considering my study strategy only got going during the end.

So fare thee well clinical medicine.  Nice knowing you.  I may see you sometime in the future when someone goes "IS THERE A DOCTOR ON THIS PLANE??!!!!" and I turn my headphones up cuz NOT MY JOB babies!

Noooooo more step.  Gods, half the stress of the whole process revolves around those bloody tests.  And now all my tests will be path.

Wait... all my tests will be path????  Oh god, to the textbooks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie,
Haven't visited site in a long time. Scanned recent posts - sorry for your losses. But life is about relationships, not things. Good to see your moving on with career and life. I have three more trips planned to the rock, so if you're ever back on de ilon, cold Caribs are on me. All the best,
drbob (Term 3)

Ishie said...

Hey there, Dr. Bob!!! Losses sucked, more due to the emotional loss. Most of my pictures from Grenada and NYC got trashed and they were ones I really cherished. Everyone's been wonderful though, and life's been coming together well. No idea when I'm going to next hit the Rock (airfare: !!!) but still hopping around as much as possible. Take care!