Mar 1, 2012

My handwriting...

Forensic fellow: "Oh! I've been looking for you. Did you add an addendum on to an older case but crossed out some stuff, because it's a different case number?"

Me: "Uhh... I have the attention span of a goldfish, thus no idea what you're talking about if it doesn't relate to a case I've been doing in the last day."

Forensic fellow: "It's a girl's handwriting."

Me: "Oh, then it's not mine."

Forensic fellow: "Oh, do you write like a boy?"

Me: "I write like someone in the middle of a seizure."

Follow up: Yeah, I did it. Apparently, my handwriting is 'curvy', thus I write like a girl. I defended myself by saying that I can't write like a girl because I don't dot my i's with little hearts. He wasn't buying it.


Anonymous said...

How are you liking the residency Ishie? Have you settled down after the fire debacle?

All the best

Ishie said...

Hi there! Liking the residency a lot now. Still some rough days here and there, but feel like I've finally gotten the hang of being an intern.

Fire debacle has gone as well as it can. The arsonist is remaining in the detention center until a trial and my roommate and I got to speak at the hearing, which helped, as did getting to look the little bastard in the face. I really like my new apartment and my roommate; everything in her place is furnished so I was able to jump back into a normal life without needing as much transition as if I had to find and furnish my own place.