Jul 21, 2011

Social Reality Check

So I was wandering around the interweb before bed and discovered this thread, granted an old one: Dating a Medical Student. I focus on what medical school is like and the whole doctor scene, because hey, I'm self centered, but this is the whole "Other" view.

I'm not a student anymore woot, but it wasn't so much just the original post that paused me, but all the comments. It seems like dating us requires the same level of support group as one needs to, say, cope with being in love with a meth addict... who gambles... with babies.

Now, if I'm on youtube or something, I feel confident in the fact that the average commenter makes less sense than a monkey smearing feces on the keyboard, but this whole thing consists largely of well thought ideas and whole trends I see rampantly in myself, and previously defined more as "Weird independent female" and less "medical student stereotype". Are we that insufferable? Are we really that inevitably well defined?

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heyroth said...

Hmm, I think you have to really know what you're getting into dating a med student/resident/bad ass pathologist.

Unfortunately, I think the personality that makes a good physician, also makes that person challenging to date. She's independent! She's focused! Which wouldn't work for a partner who's a bit needy and sensitive.

I think it wouldn't work for someone who follows the typical framework of dating and expects certain expectations (ooo clever wordplay Roth, :P), but for someone who does, it could certainly work out.

Of course, there is that hot vs insufferable scale....