Nov 19, 2010


Oh Harvard; you and I could have been so close. I mean, I know I'm from the wrong side of the tracks; I've been around, and if your parents had ever found out, there'd have been hell to pay... I mean, I'm a shark; you're a jet. I'm not even a shark... I'm a goldfish, but baby, we could have made something work in the end. When the love is there.

But I get it. You want to be left alone. No more 3 AM phone calls from the bar begging you to reconsider. No more violated restraining orders. No more facebook friending Yale and asking about you to see how you're doing. It's okay. I just hope... one day we can be friends... you know, maybe when fellowship season rolls along in a few years. Hey, I'm just throwing it out there. That's cool. Love ya.

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