Jun 23, 2010

Oh well whatever nevermind

Against all odds, my bag was recovered today AND the people on the phone through AA's lost luggage line were nice and polite. I had pretty much kissed off seeing my stuff again and also figured I'd have to get and finish a residency and hire a lawyer before I'd see any compensation.

I also sacrificed another year of my life to get a new phone. It's shiny. I'm getting used to having manual keys to type again.

In even more unbelievable news, today I... comforted a child. Somewhat successfully. I feel like now I should be in a CS advertisement jumping up in the air and high fiving something, since my usual response to human suffering is profound and visibly awkward discomfort. Maybe that studying paid off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie -Love the blog. I will be taking the Step 1 next year. I read the part about how you got ready for it. Would you mind elaborating on how you studied for it? Did you just study the first aid and your notes or did you answer questions from the question bank? Thanks

Ishie said...

Hey there! Thanks for reading.

While I'm pleased with my Step 1 score, in hindsight, I would have studied for it a little differently. The two keys are the First Aid and the USMLEWorld. I read a few other subject-specific books for the exam and feel like I kind of wasted my time, while only getting around 60% of the UWorld questions done. If I'd gone back, I'd have done the whole UWorld twice over, reading all the explanations. FA is also key. Don't stress too much and make sure you understand key concepts. I also found Dr. G's audio lectures for path helpful to go over while I was driving or jogging.

Good luck!