Mar 22, 2010

So I'm on teams now...

Which may explain a thing or two... the skinny, before having to get to bed late (the horror)...

6 AM to 5-6PM.
Run in the park.
Watch Inuyasha (I know it's marketed to 8 year old Japanese girls; I can't help it).

Oh, and there was the sake bombing Saturday night, but ya know...

This week I have two straight weeks of teams with a Saturday call in the middle. I would be more pissed off about it (though I've been griping about it for a while now), but we're only on call every 9 days versus the every 3-4 days at some hospitals, so it's hard to be *too* upset, and I got this last beautiful weekend off AND was post call on Friday, so kind of a three day weekend.

Weirdly, the difference between a good surgery and a bad surgery lies in the people you're with. First two lap choles, awesome, I am a camera-holding goddess; circulating nurse being nice; good procedures. Exact same procedure; different doc; I am worthless at everything, the OR nurse hates students, and any med student holding a camera is trying to make some hideous Cloverfield/Blair Witch crossover. I also almost got kicked in the head by the patient. Fun for all.

Also, while I'm on the hardest team now, I like the chief and have scrubbed in with him before and he (gasp) likes to teach. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Kwasi said...

I like that you watch inuyashu. We're never too old to indulge in things we like.

Annnd. I like you site by the way.