Feb 10, 2010

Another rotation rolls toward a close

And it's a snow day! It's hard to believe that in two years, I went from this:

to this:

Pretty sweet, eh? Makes me feel bad every time I'm a whiny-butt, which is often.

So the blizzard of the century or whatnot finally hit us after bathing the rest of the east coast in it, and so far, it hasn't been too bad. The salters and plows were out almost instantly, my subway was still running, and it was way less of a pain in the ass than the one that hit right before Christmas. It was also nice that it hit *today* rather than destroying the weekend, as they were expecting, which meant instead of getting stranded in Manhattan, I was peacefully in the pediatric ED discovering that while getting a nail jammed into a foot only causes minimal tears in a child, that tetanus shot that follows it is an act of hideousness Mother Nature herself couldn't concoct. To be fair, those things do burn.

The NYC population seems to have responded to the storm by whipping out garbage can lids, cardboard boxes, and anything else remotely flat and sledding down hills on them, so I suppose the winter horror isn't affecting the public morale too badly. I was way more responsible after work and responded by tossing snowballs at my colleague and then pushing her into the snow after she refrained from doing so to me because she thought I might have a laptop in my backpack (I didn't). It's this level of maturity that's going to make me such a good doctor.

But alas, not all can be snow play since I have my oral exam for peds tomorrow and my written exam on Friday. Then I get three glorious days of reckless winter merriment before surgery begins and my life effectively ends in a blaze of retractor-holding, 4 AM-rising joy.


JP said...

Snow?!? When you are in the former picture (as I am) it's tough to even imagine the latter is going on somewhere... you mean to say it isn't August everywhere??

Also, I am getting the impression from your blog that 3rd year is more physically exhausting than watching lecture on Sonic and being sleep deprived in the weeks leading up to finals... is that about right?

Enjoying the blog and want to hear more about them clinical years! I'm another SGU blogger (term 2 - you may notice I'm making the "internet rounds" of the SGU blogosphere introducing myself) feel free to visit mine at http://emergingseamonster.blogspot.com

Ishie said...

Hi there! Thanks for reading; looks like you have a great blog; I'll be sure to give it a good read.

Third year is more physically exhausting than the first two years, but so far and with a few exceptions (the last week of OB-Gyn, for example) it has been less emotionally exhausting. I still do quite a bit of studying, but since I work a full day, I don't feel that overwhelming pressure to study *all the time*. If I study an hour now, it's fine. If I only studied an hour one day in Grenada, OMG I'm a horrible medical student!!! What am I going to do? I have a test in 8 weeks!!!

I think a lot of it's hospital-dependent too. Brooklyn hospital tends to have reasonable hours and there aren't too many doctors with unavoidably malignant personalities, like there are at some of the other hospitals. So far the only times I've had people (that weren't patients) flat yell at me were warranted and in the middle of emergent situations.

Peds has particularly spoiled me in the 'nice staff' department.

Glennis said...

I prefer the lovely lush tropical scenery, but the snow has a real beauty, just too cold for me.