Nov 30, 2009

Nerdy hooray

After a long hiatus of becoming utterly and inexplicably incapable of blood draws/IVs, I nailed two in a row. Solid hits. No hunting, dithering around in the skin, or trying to pawn off the job on nurses because I got cold feet from a string of misses. Just blammo-in and blammo-in.

I also managed to be scrubbed into a surgery for 3 hours without touching my face, knocking something over, contaminating someone else, or sawing off my finger with the Bovie. It was a good day.


Mom said...

A good day indeed!

Brandon said...

They say there are no such things as rolling veins. I’m calling bullshit on that. Here’s what you do. Find the vein, pull back on it, and stab it quickly. That way it doesn’t have a chance to roll. Hope this helps.