Sep 15, 2009

So I did the whole 5K thing...

And woohoo, definitely a fan. Hooray for breast cancer research and running in Central Park. In celebration, our Heme/Onc lecture today was on breast cancer. I figured running in the 5K should make me exempt, but life isn't fair.

Speaking of life not being fair, this whole sickle cell/HIV combo everyone seems to have is a bitch. I feel genuinely bad for most of my patients, which should inspire me towards going into IM and helping them more, but more, it kind of inspires me to lean toward surgery since IM seems like a lot of playing with medications while watching people die. Not all of them, obviously. Oh, and lectures. Tons and tons and tons of lectures. I'm not knocking lectures, and more of them are clinically relevant than say, memorizing the essential amino acids, but it's SO much lecture. I attend way more lecture in clinicals than I ever did in basic sciences, not that that's saying much. I'm also doing more reading. I've already read enough of Blueprints that I'm searching for other books to buy because I need a more comprehensive coverage.

Oh yeah, the 5K (like I'm going to cover things in order?), over 25,000 people in Central Park. Very difficult to jog through unless you want to risk invoking the karma of pushing down breast cancer survivors, but still awesome, and still snagged a better time than usual for my 5K, helped by the fact that Central Park doesn't have the terminal hill of death that Prospect Park does.

My mom's moved to the city (upper east though; no Brooklyn for her!) so she came out to cheer, and I spent a good portion of the last weekend playing New York to New Jersey and back again Pong. Strangely, the forces of a GPS navigation system seemed hellbent on dumping me in Times Square as many times as possible, in one instance getting me there just in time to be caught in an angry 9/11 conspiracy theory mob. Oh joy. The other time, I just got the unprecedented joy of driving through it on a Friday night, which is surprisingly easier than walking through it.

Uhhh... this weekend, headed for the Jersey Shore with a bunch of H&Ps (History and Physicals) to write and relevant articles to read in the interim. IM is destroying a bit of my weekday hedonistic drives, but it shall not break the weekend!

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