Apr 22, 2009

Not dead yet

But whirlwindy. Would my life be anything else?

Quick update: New Orleans: Freaking WOO HOO... so so so awesome. So so so much liver damage. Oh, and street cred for taking a vampire tour on Easter. I finally beat my curry Christmas. Bonus tip: don't do a mule cart ride immediately after drinking something that has the word "octane" in it. More details later (hopefully) and Dave took good care of me, which is fortunate, since a couple of times, caring for myself was spotty.

After: packed up to move out of New Bern almost immediately. Figured since there's no furniture and I only have to fit stuff in my car or take it to a storeroom, that "this time, moving won't be so bad."

It's always that bad. It just always is. I need to stop pretending that it isn't. So far my easiest move out was from Grenada, which still sucked, but also allowed me to leave tons and tons of stuff for my housekeeper and whoever else wanted it, rather than having to get every item out of an apartment, including the fifty pens everyone accumulates but then doesn't want to throw away, but who wants to pack fifty pens, half of which are dead?

I planned a stop at Slappy's along my way, and she had written to me if I wanted to see a play the night of my final moveout. Forgetting the above paragraph and firmly in denial, I said "Sure, I'll be out of my apartment my around noon, maybe 2 at the latest, which will give me plenty of time." Fortunately, she didn't buy the tickets since I called her at around 2 or 3 to tell her I still wasn't out so I'd miss the play, and around 6 PM to tell her I'd be in at midnight.

Freaking. Hate. Moving.

But stayed with her for a couple of days and fantastic time. Went in my first Ikea store.

And now, driving to Modesto, CA to stay for a couple weeks before clinicals start and hoping like hell they don't pass off my Brooklyn spot while I'm waiting on varicella. So I'm currently at a motel in the middle of New Mexico. Huzzah.

Addendum: People who think the South is creepy should drive through Oklahoma.

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