Nov 6, 2008


So Ishie, how do you feel about taking a pharm exam tomorrow?

This video is alternately subtitled "So, you've decided to go into peds! Welcome to the rest of your life!"

In other news, half the school and I decided to inexplicably and spontaneously wander out in a hellacious rainstorm to IGA on a Thursday, in my case, because I was out of EVERYTHING including toothpaste, and in their cases... I think because they knew I was out of EVERYTHING and wanted to inconvenience me by virtue of occupying my corner of space at the same time when I'm irritable due to having an exam tomorrow. The plus side is that IGA was equally inexplicably stocked with everything (which never happens on a Thursday; they even had my coveted eggs!), so I went on a buying spree while trying to simultaneously listen to my ipod, read pharmacology flashcards, and juggle 5000 pounds of crap that's bad for me (and asparagus!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie..I'm going to be a first year med student at SGU..

this post really FREAKS me out. Is it that bad?


Ishie said...

Hiya za,

Congrats on the med school acceptance!

It is not that bad and it is exponentially worse. These last two years have brought me some of the best times in my life and some of the most unpleasant and stressful. The school is frequently irritatingly and inexcusably disorganized, the store can be sporadic on some stuff (though you won't go hungry).

But I'd still do it, despite the hitches. I'm not only incorporating so much medical knowledge that I've virtually incapable of holding normal conversations anymore, which makes me feel more prepared, but I'm having amazing experiences. Today, in celebration of that "tomorrow" that was Friday, I spent the day circumnavigating the island on a sailboat with friends, snorkeling, dinner, movies, the whole celebratory workup.

But don't be afraid. I think the worst thing I've done to myself over this time is let it get to me or stress me out too much. Ultimately it will all be all right.