Oct 4, 2008

Good start

As I've posted before, there's been some major uproar regarding the current 5/6 term stuff, and I think for good reason. I'm still in favor of instituting the old grading scale and to open up more lines of communication, BUT...

Notes for GI, which starts on Monday, were already in the lecture hall, facilitating pre-study for the industrious folks, and ensuring even the lazy people (like me) that they will be able to follow along in lecture.

Either the physio people had another place to go or they were on an off week because we got booked use of the path lab today versus the last session where we didn't have a room and got booted back to the lecture hall. While I complained about the path lab in fourth term because the A/C was not keeping up with how incredibly loud and overcrowded it was, it seems to work decently for its purposes, plus nothing makes you appreciate the path lab more than trying to conduct a discussion group by yelling down a row in Bell Hall before having to go in front of a lecture theater with a microphone to present to 150 of your classmates on 10 minutes notice. Stage fright much? So I think this format works much better. I was actually able to interact with my group and the projection of the cases on the screen means everyone can see them and contribute equally.

I don't know about the "think on your own first" format to BSFCR, but the fact that they've changed it and are now posting the enabling objectives the Monday before is a big plus and a strong indication that someone's listening. I also like the one case per set of questions format to having the exact same case with two groups presenting 8 different things, which gets repetitive without being helpful and takes forever. Much appreciated.

The list of "question types" at the end of BSFCR session. YES. That is the sort of thing we need.

The agreement to post the BSFCR cases on Angel. THANK YOU.

The addition of the points to both pathophys and BSFCR grades. This was definitely necessary and I really believe we need a consistent standard for the future, but leaving the average at 64 really would have been unacceptable.

There is an open forum to discuss the problems of this term with the department heads on Monday. That is a HUGE step forward. I don't know what will come of the discussion, but the willingness for this meeting to happen is definitely encouraging. Thank you to the SGA for meeting to convey the students' expressed desire for an open forum and thank you to the heads and deans for agreeing to meet.

The GI objectives, which were posted early, had a change that was posted on Angel, and the announcement was made along with an apology for the inconvenience. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, for me, it really is. Part of what has really gotten on my wick previously is a feeling that any inconvenience, even minor, that the students suffered was somehow our faults, and informing us of it was a favor. A "sorry guys" goes a long way, at least for me.

Though this has absolutely nothing to do with the pathophys or BSFCR classes, my freaking sixth term loan check arrived on schedule. Trumpets and fanfare, people!


This doesn't mean all is sunshine and rainbows, of course. And I know there's going to be obnoxious problems that persist right until the end, because there's been things about every term that I think could have really been changed to the benefit of the students, but I felt this one needed special address, and it seems like the problem is being taken seriously. So long as students are able to have a voice if the going gets tough enough, I'm willing to take difficulties (though will certainly whine about it) if there's an effort to fix gross malfunctions in the system. It's only when I felt that the departments were completely unaccountable for any action with no capacity for a change to occur in our better that I honestly had started to regret coming and not pursuing a different route to doctorhood, and while that sounds extreme, that's honestly how I was starting to feel.

Let's hope this is a new beginning for all of us.

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