Jun 19, 2007


And a happy belated Father's Day to all you dads out there!!!!!

So, as noted I went to Maine this weekend... until deciding what the hell and going to Montreal, which I'd spell with the accent, but I'm lazy. Road trip!

Maine's seacoast was largely lovely but stinky. I am always partial to California's Highway 1... REALLY partial, but Maine's Highway 1 was plenty nice, though I don't think I went up far enough to get the major scenic stuff for which it is so famous. The beaches were lovely but tended to carry with them various smells ranging from industrial sulfur run off to red tide.

Like New Hampshire though, Maine had plenty going on in the pretty old buildings department:

What I don't understand is why it appears to have a slit to accommodate a longbow. Particularly since the church was built in the early 1900s... my guess is that they foresaw the flapper era and gathered to spit all the short skirted, short-haired tasseled, future Laurence Welk show watching crowd on the ends of arrows. But that's just a guess.

Eventually though, I found Portland, which for some reason, reminded me a bit of a cross between San Francisco and Monterey, though not nearly as big. More importantly, it had the goal: LOBSTER!

A pier stretched out to the left, providing a nice view. The back deck, where I
picked up my freshly boiled Maine lobster and lobster bisque, provided this one:

And "yum" by the way, making up for the cruel lobster (and Ting) absence in the final days of my first term.

But, lest I actually *tell* you about the rest and Montreal, it's bedtime so you'll have to come back tomorrow!

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Aboulic said...

Ishie, not strictly a comment, but it would be really good to talk to you again.

Please get in touch.

I tried an old email address I had for you a while ago, but didn't hear back.

All my msn contacts disappeared, so I don't have your contact details for that and I don't sign in any more.

aboulic@mail.com will still reach me, as will my new address pub@aboulic.com.

If you still have my mobile number (the one ending in 060903 - i wont post the whole thing on line), that
should still reach me.